Ductless Mini Split

Split-ductless air conditioning systems are gaining popularity in American homes. Ductless systems are also ideally suited to additions, where extension of existing ducts may be difficult or impractical. Ductless split-system air conditioners combine the zone control of window or through-the-wall units, with the whole-house cooling capabilities of central systems. 

Like central systems, they have two main components, a compressor-condenser unit (outdoors) and an air-handler containing an evaporator coil and a fan (indoors.) In milder climates, some systems function as heat pumps, providing primary heating as well as cooling. The compressor/condenser section is located outdoors, and the relatively quiet evaporator/fan unit is located within the indoor space to be cooled. The two halves are linked only by the coolant tubing.

Ductless mini-split systems solve the problem of cooling and/or heating a space when adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive.
The matched combination of outdoor condenser and indoor air handler fits virtually anywhere, and is simple to install and economical to operate.

Mini-Splits are ideal for a wide range of applications:

Homes where it’s difficult or not desirable to use a window air conditioner, renovations and restorations, additions, sunrooms, bedrooms,
workshops, home offices

Warehouse offices, computer rooms, restaurants

nursing homes, hospitals, churches, community facilities

Installation requires a hole less than 3″ in diameter to run refrigerant lines between indoor and outdoor units. Also, the indoor section uses
low voltage wiring.

There’s a mini-split system to fit just about any installation, from single rooms to expansive spaces. Our single, dual and tri-zone models offer an
impressive array of capacities in both A/C and heat pump models.

Easier installation than central systems
Air ducts not required
Zone control provides balanced comfort and energy savings
Quieter than window or thru-wall units
More secure than window air conditioners.
Eliminates losses common in air ducts