Central A/C

Annual Tune-up and Inspections

A thorough examination of system components including coils and contactors.
Over time, coils may become dirt incrusted. Dirty coils cause a cooling system to work less efficiently. A unit with dirty coils uses more electricity, cools less effectively, and places undo stress on the compressor. Likewise, burned contactors compromise the efficiency of a cooling system and can cause damage to the compressor. An annual inspection allows a technician to identify dirty coils and burned out contactors before they cause long term damage to your system. It is much cheaper to have your coils cleaned or your contactors replaced than it is to replace a compressor.

Examination of air filters
Clean air filters improve the efficiency of your system and improve the quality of air circulating through your home or place of business.

Cleaning and treatment of condensation lines
Clogged condensation lines and drain lines can cause water (moisture accumulated by your air conditioning system) to leak through your ceilings or walls. Our cooling inspection also includes an algaecide treatment to reduce the growth of algae and bacteria which can clog your drain lines.

Examination of electric components.
Worn electrical components can create a fire hazard or can cause your unit to unexpectedly break down.

Additional Services
2Amechanical offers a full range of services for central heating and cooling systems, including air conditioners, electric and gas powered furnaces, and heat pumps.

These services include:

*Annual tune-up and inspections of heating and cooling systems
*Monthly maintenance contracts
*Equipment maintenance – troubleshooting and repairs
*Coil cleaning – enabling older systems to function more efficiently and more reliably and possibly
extending the life of existing units

*Retrofitting – replacing existing units with newer, more efficient ones
*Duct replacement
Design and installation of heating and cooling systems for new construction
Redesigning inefficient heating and cooling systems to improve efficiency and comfort